Book Cover. Book. Novel. Title. New Author. Concrete Jungle.

There's an evil on the loose in 'Shady Acres.'

Nylah Diamond gets her first case -- William Blake. She's obsessed with learning everything, it intrigues her -- why won't Billy speak, and what happened to him and his brother Bobby? She needs to study every detail and statement, all the evidence and everyone involved. Something does not make sense.

Someone else prefers it left in the past.

She's determined to help Dr. Hans Simpson and Professor Flannigan piece together everything buried for so long -- facts meant to stay obscured.

Some events from childhood? They stick with you forever. The small things, the huge things, the things which appear to be such unimportant things -- alter your timeline, and change you.

Should they not let sleeping dogs lie, they may be the next bit.

Fate deals the cards, you play the hand. Do you ever think about the red lights you miss, or make? The appointment you cancel or reset? Remember that stranger you yelled at on tech support, the one who didn't deserve your harsh words -- or the friend you've helped, or hurt? What ripples did these tiny, "insignificant" choices create in your life, and the lives of others?

Everything you believe doesn't matter? Means the most. What matters to you most? May mean nothing at all. People are animals, savages -- and sometimes, revenge is a must. A snake in the grass, a butterfly in the wind, or a spider in a tree, can take down a lion.

It's a concrete jungle out here.