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When Nylah Diamond, a young psychiatry student, becomes aware of a new case study, she becomes obsessed with it. Something about it intrigues her. 

She wants to know about every detail, every statement, every piece of evidence and everyone involved.


Someone else wants it left in the past.

She becomes determined to help piece together everything that has seemingly been hidden and scattered everywhere for so long.

Things that were meant to stay scattered and hidden. Something does not make sense.

Some things from childhood stick with you forever. Small things, big things, what seem like such insignificant things, change things. Change people.


If Nylah does not let sleeping dogs lie, she may be the next to get bitten.

All of the things you think do not matter, matter most. What you think matters most may mean nothing at all. People are animals. Savages. It is a concrete jungle out there. Something as small as a snake in the grass or a spider in a tree can take down a lion, the king of the jungle.

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