Concrete Jungle

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M.O. LeClair, born and raised in the concrete jungle of east end Toronto/Scarborough, in Ontario, Canada.

Mary Odile -- or Dee & Delle, as she prefers to go by. She considers her cats, husband, real friends, true family, and writing, to be most important to her in her life. She sometimes goes by the nick name, Pickle.

When she isn't spending time with her fur-babies and the love of her life, she can almost always be found typing away, reading, or cooking and baking. M.O. LeClair also enjoys video gaming, and plays 'The Sims,' and 'Fallout Shelter.' She listens to all kinds of music, watches hockey (GO LEAFS GO!) -- she loves an enticing movie or television show, acrylic painting on canvas, going on social media, swimming, being in nature, and going camping.

Born on Wednesday, June 30th, 1982. Growing up, fascinated with novel writing, she penned her first full-length, unpublished story, at eight-years old. The tale filled a two-hundred page notebook, bought from Zellers at Gerrard Square -- a common shopping mall in the area in which she lived.

As a child, she did Artistic Gymnastics at Wilkinson Public School, in East York -- and won first place over-all, in all Toronto, at Franklin Community Centre in 1989. She won second place over-all, at the 1991 Ontario Gymnastics Regional.

Later on, from the age of nine to the age of twelve, she practiced Shotokan Karate at Northern Karate School, (now known as Danforth Karate). She earned a Blue belt, and two non-placing medals and a trophy, before moving on to becoming the captain of her high school Volleyball team, in 1997/1998.

Those interests, led to some early exposure to leadership, writing, reading, and expressing herself creatively. At this point in her life, being more drawn toward writing, than athletics -- she started to write more. She wanted to use her imagination in her everyday life -- since she was told by many people growing up, that she had quite an excellent one. And that she talked -- a lot, so what better suited career for her, than to be a writer?

She lost her mother in 2000 at the age of seventeen, (due to a heart attack -- her mothers was forty-seven). Her little sister went into cardiac arrest in 2015 (at only twenty-seven years old, caused by Diabetes and drug addiction). Her father passed away afterwards, in 2017, at the age of sixty-seven, (also due to a heart attack -- but she believes a 'broken heart' was the true culprit). M.O. LeClair is the second youngest of six siblings, but she grew up and was closest with her younger sister, Georgette.

In 2005, she got hit by a car that ran a red light. That same year, she also found the courage to leave an abusive, seven year engagement that almost killed her.

From suffering with 'Borderline Personality Disorder,' and having many suicidal episodes throughout her whole life. To working at 'go-nowhere' call centre jobs, for the majority of her younger years -- she had enough.

She found out she had cervical Cancer, and had it removed in 2014. Her dad had Cancer of the larynx and needed daily radiation therapy. She felt herself slipping away and becoming overwhelmed, but she never gave up -- she couldn't. She needed to be there for her father and little sister. Thankfully, his Cancer was successfully removed.

She is a rape and sexual assault survivor. Due to an incident, she found herself, her husband, and her cats -- homeless, in 2019. With rent soaring, they could no longer live in Toronto and sought places outside of the city. It was a fight to stay alive, and having to reside in some less than admirable conditions, gave them the push needed to evolve. Due to the kindness and assistance of true family and strangers, they were able to find an amazing place to live, in Hamilton.

She also lost three babies to miscarriage -- in 2001, 2004, and 2014. This being caused by Hypothyroidism -- an under-active thyroid, not producing enough hormone for a successful pregnancy. She decided -- life is too short to not follow dreams, set goals, and smash them.

Although it had always been one of her wants -- to have children, she pivoted her focus to what she could do -- write! Write about all that she went through and perhaps be able to help others, going through similar things -- while doing what she loves to do.

She started her own freelance writing production company in July 2014 -- 'Room with a View Productions.' She runs it from her home-office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada -- where she moved in 2019, with her husband and kitties.

She attended Eastdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto, from 1996-2000, but left early and didn't graduate due to the passing of her mother. This was two months before she meant to finish -- only being shy a few elective credits. She later on entered Herzing Business College as a mature student, and took a Law/Legal Assistant course, but realized it's not what she wanted to do.

She then enrolled at Stratford Career Institute, in Mount Royal, Quebec -- and graduated from that college with honours, in 2008. She received a Diploma in Psychology/Social Work, and another in Creative Writing. She would like to obtain a PhD., in philosophy and psychology -- at the university level.

Throughout her life, she developed a true passion for ideas and storytelling. In Concrete Jungle,' the 'Butterfly Effect' is explored. How past events can directly, or indirectly affect future ones. Simply by making -- or not making what appear to be -- insignificant, everyday choices.

Her favourite authors include Stephen King, Susanna Kaysen, Lisa Unger, and Jeanette Walls. A few of her favourite books are, 'Misery,' 'All Dark, No Stars,' 'Girl, Interrupted,' 'Beautiful Lies,' and 'The Glass Castle.'

Concrete Jungle,' is her debut novel -- although, she plans to write more books, in the future.

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